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    Exclamation IPhone 4S Home Screen Button will not activate app

    Once the home screen TS3 button is engaged; the screen flashes black, then disengages the APP loading process. I attempted to power down the IPhone, wait then power up again. No change to the failed initiation of the APP.

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    Angry Team Speak App (IPhone 4S) Version 3.0.3 will not open.

    Team Speak App ver. 3.0.3 worked well for approx. 1 week. one day it would not open.

    - When the TS button is engaged on the homescreen, the App attempts to engage - the screen begins to transition, but the APP crashes and returns to the home screen within 1 Second.

    -This has occured now for weeks, and no amount of resetting the phone will resolve this APP issue.

    Pls Advise.

    I posted two weeks ago and the post was since removed.

    This is required for our IT business.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lifeinashoe View Post
    I posted two weeks ago and the post was since removed.

    it wasn't removed, it just was moved to the IOS section:

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