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    Cool Chain of Command?

    I was not sure what title this could have.

    Im gonna describe the problem I usually have.

    I play Battlefield 3 with my team and it's usually 8 vs 8 up to 12 vs 12, and some teams even play 16 vs 16.

    I want to be able to divide each squad in a different subchannel BUT, since Im the strategist and leader, I'd love to have a function where I press a button down and give orders to ALL the people in ALL those subchannels, or their squad leaders (that would be awesome).

    Also, it would be nice if the squad leaders could talk to every squad leader or to me by pressing a key.

    That way, the TS voice chat gets a lot cleaner and there is not saturation of information.

    Is there any way to this WITHOUT having two teamspeaks opened and configure them differently (one with push to talk, one with voice activation) or WITHOUT having a second voice chat program opened?

    Any cool plugins or something?


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    For speaking to the individual squad leaders, you can add them to your whisper list and just whisper them and only those on your whisper list will hear. They can also add you to their whisper list to speak to you.

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    For you to talk to all the Squad Leaders (whoever those may be at the current time) create a whisper List, assign a hotkey and then choose: Whisper to: Groups, Group Whisper Type: Channel Commander, Group Whisper Target: Subchannels.
    Each Squad Leader would then need to be Channel Commander.

    Same goes for each Squad Leader just that they would choose Group Whisper Target: Channel Family, which would make them talk to all the other squad leaders (and you if you are channel commander too).

    For anyone to talk to you only they'd create a Whisper List with Whisper to: Clients & Channels and drag you into the white area.

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