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    TS client keeps saying ERROR when I try to set b_serverinstance_virtualserver_list

    I am trying to setup our TS server so that our forum site can directly access the server via the server query port.

    This was working fine, logging in with the designated server query user and password, until I set permissions across the TS server to organize the members.

    I followed this post to sort the initial query server port out,, which all worked.

    Except when I try to connect I now get told that I do not have permission 4356.

    So I went in to the guest channel group to add this permission but every time I try to add the permission, the client keeps verbally saying "ERROR".

    So how do I set this permission so that I can issue server queries from our forums?

    I am a full admin on our server, so in theory should have complete authorization to set anything.

    Please do not respond simply to tell me to search the forums, I have and get zero results back from the forum search and the knowledge base.

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    Permid 4356 represents b_serverinstance_virtualserver_list. Check if this permission is assigned.
    If you are unable to assign it, then your hoster needs to either assign the permission for you or grant the right to you to assign it yourself.

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