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    Solved Would like to back up my server config

    Yes, I searched...

    I am not finding a server .pdf that tells me how to do this.

    I was able to find to find my ts3server.sqllitedb file in the TS3 root. I THINK this is the only file I have to back up.

    I am seeing some other files in my search but I am not finding them in my Windows install.

    Just want to make sure that I have what I need to reinstall my TS3 so that I can enter a new privilege key and all my current users/channels don't get disturbed.

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    the ts3server.sqlitedb and the files folder (if you want Avatars, Icons and uploaded Files to still be there after reinstall).

    If you want to reinstall the PC where you installed your Client on then you really should backup your Client Data, most importantly your Identity (Settings -> Identities -> Export) and import it back into the new TS3 Client install.

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    Thank you SilentStorm

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