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    Password free joining system

    Hey there!

    I'm running a TS for a while now but I want to renew our permission system.

    At the moment there are 4 different server groups and various channel designs:

    Server Admin: Access to everything
    Co. Admin: Can join every channel, have move, kick and ban rights.
    V.I.P.: Have talk power of 60 and can join two "V.I.P." channels (Min. join power 60) with the password "1"
    Member: Have talk power of 75 and can join every channel in the Member (Min. join power 75) and V.I.P. zone with the password "1"

    V.I.Ps and Member can't join the admin channels.

    Now my question: Is there any possibillity of creating a password free channel system?

    Which means: Everyone can join every channel if he has enough join power without entering a password.

    In my case: Co. Admins can still join everywhere without any password except of my channel.

    I tried nearly everything but I didn't find out how to do this.

    It would be awesome if someone could help me with this (Any germans here? )


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    Sure there is, which way you take depends on your needs.

    Server Groups only Solution:
    Only works if higher ranks can do everything a lower rank should be able to do, so if your Members should be allowed to join Channels which VIPs or Co Admins shouldn't be able to join then this is not for you.
    Member gets channel_join_power of 40
    VIP gets channel_join_power of 50
    Co Admin gets channel_join_power of 60
    Server Admin gets channel_join_power of 75
    Now all Channels that only Members and above should be able to join get a channel_needed_join_power of 40
    Channels for VIPs and above get channel_needed_join_power of 50
    Co Admin Only channels get 60
    Server Admin only Channels get 75

    Channel Group Solution:
    Much more flexible, enables you to specificly choose which Clients get access to what channel on a per channel and client basis. You can for example allow one specific Member access to an Co Admin channel, or make a channel only Members (but not Co Admin or VIPs) can join.
    Create a new Channelgroup like "Channel Access"
    This Channelgroup gets channel_join_power of 70
    Your Existing Servergroups get channel_join_power as written in above section.
    Now for any Channel you want to be locked for everyone but specific Users that Channel gets a channel_needed_join_power of 70. Any Client you want to allow in these Channels you assign the Channel Access Channelgroup in that channel.
    For Channels any Member/VIP/Co.Admin or above should be able to enter see above Section.

    Now just remove any Passwords from your Channels, only those privileged should be able to enter them and they won't need to specify any Password (as there is none).
    Pretty simple and straight forward really.

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