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    Solved Text to Speech not working

    Well as the title suggests the Text To Speech option is not working. It used to back when I had a USB head set, but now that I am using the regular audio jack it does not work at all. (And before someone says "make sure playback is set to the right input"... it is) I have also made sure to apply the setting in both the bookmarks and the settings window. I have tried both the 32 and 64-bit editions, and have the same issue on both.

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    What client do you use and where have you set that sound pack?
    Was it in your favourite? You have to select it there under the "More" button in your bookmark manager.
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    Fixed: If you have a Realtek sound card in the "Default Format" tab make sure that your format is no higher than 48000Hz, it does however work on both 16 and 24 bit settings.

    Btw Dante, I answered all those questions in OP >.>

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