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    Server will not unban user

    Hello! We have a small problem on our teamspeak server, I've removed a users UID and IP from our banlist (yes, I've checked it 4 times, there isn't a trace of him in there) but the server still says he's banned when he joins.

    What we have tried.

    Remove UID and IP from banlist
    Removed all his old UIDs and IPs from banlist
    Added all his UIDs and IPs to the banlist and removed them again
    Had him reinstall Teamspeak and flush his IP so he got a new UID and IP (yes we double checked this on another server)
    Had him try with another nickname (just to be sure)

    And the weird thing is, he even has a new PC so all in all he has a new UID, new IP and a brand new PC so there is no way he should get the message "Permanently banned" but he still gets it

    Any idea? (just fyi, he can't connect to 2 of our 3 servers, the 2 he can't connect to are the once he was banned from like a year ago, but everything is removed so he should be able to join, the third one works just fine)

    Thanks in advanced!
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    Ban Bug.

    I was banned of FaithfulMC teamspeak and they cant seem to find my unban, I was banned a good few months ago by thee owner, They have looked in all places and I and they don't know what to do.
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    Got banned from server but they removed it and stil lhave porblem

    Got banned from server Called AOD after 1 year they remove ban and ip ban now i cant login with any account to server and im remove from list can you help me please thank you !

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