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    TeamSpeak 3 Beta 3.0.6 Sound problem

    I have a problem of TeamSpeak 3 3.0.6 Beta Version.
    When I connect to the server my computer can not hear sounds from TeamSpeak. Can you help me fix this?

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    Thank you! that fixed it for me, thanks again

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    Notification Sounds :(

    I've got a problem in that every time i join a new/different TS3 server it spams me with the voice notifications whenever someone joins the channel or server etc etc. I have sounds deactivated and "play no sounds" activated so i shouldn't receive any notifications no matter what server i am on! :S

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    How do I change Sound Packs?

    I have several sound packs I would like top switch between wondering if there is a way to do this without reinstalling it every time.

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    You can change between those that you have installed in several ways:
    For any Server you are currently connected to:
    Activate the Tab you want to switch the Soundpack on -> Self -> Soundpack -> Choose the one you want
    For Servers in your Bookmarks (for any new Connection through this Bookmark):
    Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> Select the Bookmark -> More -> Soundpack -> Choose the one you want -> Ok
    For new Connections established by clicking a ts3server Link:
    Settings -> Options -> Messages -> Soundpack Dropdown at the top left -> Choose the one you want -> Ok
    For Connections you manually establish through Connections -> Connect (at the time you connect to a server):
    Connections -> Connect -> More -> Soundpack -> Choose the one you want

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentStorm View Post
    You can change between those that you have installed in several ways:
    This thread, question and answer, I think, should be in the included in the FAQ/knwoledgebase

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    Or maybe with the forum search function ....

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    Good catch
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