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    Client Query Telnet

    I am using the client query dll to add info to each user
    To do this, I change the nickname by using the "clientupdate nick_name=xxxxx
    works fine
    I use error recovery to disconnet and reconnect on errors, works fine
    BUT every few days, say 10000 to 15000 name changes, I get an error id=1796
    this won't recover via the disconnect / reconnect method
    I can only get it to recover by disconnecting the client from the server and reconnecting
    Since this is an unattended application, I can only do this manually when I realize there is a problem.

    Anybody know of an error list with reasons, so maybe I can recover OR modify the interface to prevent it

    Any help ??
    aka SMFNA

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    I think your problem is solved since you asked this in the ticket system too ?
    As far as i know you got an answer by one of our devs.

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