I apologize if this issue has already been addressed elsewhere, I have not been able to find it through search or the FAQ.

I recently reformatted my laptop, and after installing teamspeak 3, found myself unable to change the sound pack after my initial selection from the setup wizard. I have tried the options>notifications sound pack drop down menu (and clicking ok), using the setup wizard after the initial installation (and selecting the other of the male/female voice), reinstalling teamspeak 3, and installing teamspeak 2 (after uninstalling teamspeak 3 and restarting). I have never come across this problem before, and find it strange that no matter what method I take, am unable to change my sound pack in any way.

My goal is to use the addon I found titled "Clean Sounds & Short TTS"; after following the directions given (and attempting what I remember successfully using in the past) I have had no luck. Any help is appreciated, thank you.