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    Where to find client sdk complete documentation ?

    Hi, I'm beginning learning to create ts3 client plugin. I haven't found any complete documentation/reference on it. I have take a look at the simple sample plugin in pluginsdk folder, but I still have many questions.

    Can anyone point me to ts3 client plugin programming source / tutorial / reference / sample codes ?

    thanks in advance

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    This explains where the manauals are stored at.
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    Thanks for your fast response.

    Yes I have checked that folder, including sample code and pdf doc. But I found it's not a complete reference. For example it doesn't explain callbacks, message loop, plugin life cycle, etc.

    I think it would be great if there are plugin sample code examples.

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    There is the Source Code of the Example Plugin, which contains all the functions that might get called in your Plugin when certain things happen in the client, or on the server that you would get notified about. The Function Names are mostly pretty self explanatory ie. void onClientKickFromServerEvent(...) will obviously be called whenever someone gets kicked from the server (out of a Channel you have subscribed).
    Same goes for a good part of the Functions you can call in the ts3Functions struct, many of which just return only an error code and write the result into a variable you passed in a parameter.
    For those that are not self explanatory, there is always try & error which helps alot in many situations and if all else fails there is always google and this Forum where you can ask But from my experience you get pretty far with dedication and try & error.

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    Ok thanks, I will do some try & error research, and I will open new thread if there something specific I need to ask.

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