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    [Release] ЯbMod - Perl Modification

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RbMod_WebInterface_medium.png 
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    Release Version Ƹ.2 (Beta) - June 19th, 2013 PST

    FEATURE 1) - Automatic Ranking
    Inspired by the gaming community and a few individuals, RbMod
    now includes 3 icon packs to choose from. Watch client ranks
    update live online. Subsequent ranks become harder to reach as
    each clients TOTAL time + scale + time / 4 = next rank up.

    2) - Trace Routes

    Rewritten to produce a finer output than it's previous
    predecessor in RbMod v1.0. This version now includes the default option
    of performing a back to back trace per client. Using either ICMP / SYN
    in Linux or just finding the highest path possible. Also includes a 4th
    Icon pack of 41 new hop numbers (Default orange theme).

    FEATURE 3) - Traffic Meter
    One of RbMod's largest attractions has now been rewritten
    to produce the smoothest possible output for your TS3 server.

    FEATURE 4) - Ping Meter
    Independent of the TeamSpeak query interface, this new feature will attempt
    to either use the built in module 'Net::Ping' to ping a client IP directly.
    If either a ECHO or TCP ping fails, RbMod will fall back to a trace-route to obtain
    either the clients ping directly, or from the first hop or two in front of
    the specific client.

    FEATURE 5) - On-join client description / tagline global message.
    Append either a 200 character !tag <here> to display globally to all your
    buddies upon joining the server. !deltag to remove Rb custom saved tagline.
    If the client doesn't choose a !tag, the description field from TS3 will be
    used instead (max of 80 characters). Admins can set client on-join tags
    easily with the latter.

    FEATURE 6) - On-part random color coded goodbye messages.
    RbMod now uses another *.cf file (/rbm_extras/ to globally
    text message a random color coated departure message for every 3rd-4th
    disconnection a client makes (independent of other disconnects). This
    feature uses over 1100 HEX color codes to generate random 'rainbow' type

    FEATURE 7) - Geographical Database
    Dependent upon 'Geo::IP::PurePerl' CPan module & On/Off
    toggle, RbMod can now pickup a clients City/Region (database permitting)
    and further utilize these results in other features such as the on-join
    channel creation feature or weather statistics to name a few. This
    feature is disabled by default until both the Geo::IP::PurePerl is installed
    ('cpan' .. 'install Geo::IP::PurePerl') and the free 'GeoLite City' BINARY
    database that this module utilizes is correctly placed at the root of RbMod.

    FEATURE 8) - Weather Conditions
    With 'Geo::IP::PurePerl' correctly running and enabled
    under, our second dependency in which to obtain user
    temperatures comes in the form of 'Weather::Underground'. This module,
    when installed (cpan> 'install Weather::Underground') will enable
    certain temperature statistics to appear next to a clients on-join
    'status' group for a short period, as well as a global Celsius
    / Fahrenheit / Conditions global message upon first connections.
    There's of course the more permanent feature 'Temperatures_On'
    that utilizes 85 temperature icons (from -33c - +50c), updated
    on a set interval for all online connections.

    FEATURE 9) - RSS Feeds
    With the use of 'XML::Parser' module, RbMod can now attach to a URL of
    your choosing and monitor the contents for changes, globally displaying
    the results with a interval variable.

    FEATURE 10) - Reconnect Flood Detection Gauge.
    Written in hopes of reducing client re-connections, either intentional
    or from simple repetitive timeouts due to poor client connections, this
    feature will monitor the amount of reconnects under a set period of time,
    each infraction will escalate to further warn, kick & inevitably a ban.
    There's about 6 tiers to this 'grey' list the mod uses to watch ones
    reconnect history.

    FEATURE 11) - Channel Query 'Bots'.
    Designed intentionally to tap into Screech's 'Now Playing' Music ->
    Channel Plugin. Setup one or more query bots in specific channel(s)
    to watch a target channels text history. Each line from the channel
    chat will immediately go beside a specified client DBID, displaying
    for example the first 30 characters of a song beside a GUI client
    connected in the form of a group 'tag' in brackets, as well as
    changing the targets description to show 0-80 characters of the
    channel text monitored.

    FEATURE 12) - Reverse DNS Look-ups
    Strictly for informative purposes, you can issue private
    messages to new joins depicting the reverse DNS from their ISP.

    FEATURE 13) - Clone Detection
    Unlike version 1, this new clone detection uses a
    completely new icon pack of 7 human figure icons. each lighting up
    depending on the amount of clones per individual DBID.

    FEATURE 14) - Operating System Detection
    Automatically detecting Windows / Linux / Mac / iOS or Android
    devices and visually displaying the appropriate icon. Four slightly
    reworked OS icons have been added to the mix in RbMod v2.0.

    FEATURE 15) - Auto-Move DBIDs/Groups/CCode/Region/City
    On behalf of a few personal requests, RbMod now detects upon joining
    the server either a clients group, or client DBID which in turn gets
    placed in a specified channel ID. If those aren't found, the client
    will be placed into a preexisting 2 digit CCode channel (CA) Canada,
    for example. Channel creation for Country/Region/City can also be
    utilized using the Pure-Perl module.

    FEATURE 16) - Auto-Kick Recorders
    Automatically remove unauthorized recorders from particular Group ID's.

    17) - Auto-Delete Dormant Channels
    RbMod will cleanup any temp, semi-perm, perm. channel outside it's
    exemption list, only after laying dormant for a specified amount of time.
    Be sure to add ALL your channel IDs, before turning this feature ON.

    FEATURE 18) - Auto-Fill Empty CCodes
    Place an unknown country flag next to clients whom don't show a country,
    Ethernet icon for internal connections or a country flag from the CCode
    icon pack with Pure-Perl database enabled.

    FEATURE 19) - Channel Flood Detection
    Rewritten to give the server admin the option
    of either punishing, kicking or banning an individual for spamming
    through all the channels. Punishment includes the old temporary channel
    creation upon infractions, or the ability to use your own channel and
    move the person back to a default channel once unpunished.

    FEATURE 20) - Sticky Channel
    Place anyone that's been spamming your server directly into
    a selected channel ID of your choice - The server group 'Rb Sticky' will
    automatically attach to the offending client - until dragged back out of
    the specific channel you've chosen.

    FEATURE 21) - Channel Language Filter
    Designed for performance, this new version includes an interval
    option but probably isn't necessary. as each room will be
    scanned against the list of 'bad words' only when the name changes,
    or the channel's created for the first time.

    FEATURE 22) - Client description language filter.
    Monitor all client descriptions for swear words in
    FEATURE 23) - Client away message language filter.
    Monitor all client away messages for swear words in

    24) - Nickname Language Filter
    Like the Channel Language Filter, every client gets reviewed for
    changes, only once a name change is detected will RbMod scan for
    bad words against the current update.

    FEATURE 25) - Nickname Protection
    With seven settings to choose from, you can now protect a group
    of clients from other groups stealing your protected client names.
    Choose whether to punish the same group members for using a safe
    name, or just choose a kick / ban reason.

    FEATURE 26) - Group Protection
    Select individual client DBID's, and the corresponding group they
    belong with. If any client outside this list joins an unauthorized
    group, the group will be revoked immediately and kicked if desired.

    FEATURE 27) - Dynamic Banners / Banner Links
    Many admins seem to enjoy this feature, RbMod now gives you the
    ability to choose a list of as many Image URLs as you like. With
    the capability of changing the banner LINKS on it's own independent
    time cycle. Change the banner link once every 2 banners or choose
    which ever variations suite your setup.

    FEATURE 28) - Client Status
    Display either a 'Live', 'Idle' or 'AFK' icon, based upon desired
    time requirements of your choice. Country & Temperatures also show
    for a set interval during a new client connection in a group tag.

    FEATURE 29) - Message Of The Day
    RbMod now includes a separate configuration file to add or subtract
    custom RbMod variables to display to new clients or existing. See

    FEATURE 30) - Real-time Black-hole List
    With this new feature enabled, every client will be checked
    (via nslookup) against an online RBL server of your choice.
    White-list IP addresses that are known to be friendly, yet
    flagged online.

    FEATURE 31) - AFK-Move
    Choose which groups to skip over as this feature will move any client
    found idling over a set amount of time, to a chosen channel ID.

    FEATURE 32) - IRC Bot
    Log into IRC and control the IRC bot with !irc <IRC commands here>.
    All conversations from each channel the bot resides in will be streamed
    to the global chat on your TS3 server.

    RbMod was originally conceived about 6 years ago for TeamSpeak2, some in theory and the rest in actual code. This how ever is a completely new project from scratch. I started this as of July 4th 2012. A lot of the coding right now is pretty loosely placed, until I implement the rest of RbMod features I still have in store.

    - Linux (Debian) and Windows (Windows 7) tested.
    - MEM: 15 MB avg. memory footprint & about 4-5 MB per client connection.
    - HDD: 5 MB required plus more as the SQ-Lite DB will grow over time.

    Download and unzip the contents to a server / directory of your choice.
    2) Copy the contents (depending on which features you have enabled in of /rbm_icons/ to your TS3 virtual server. '.../teamspeak/files/virtualserver_1/internal/icons' for example.
    3) Open and change the first few options to suit your server setup.
    4) Make sure is set to 744 (executable) and run #: ./
    5) Be sure to add the Mods IP address/location to your TeamSpeak3 query_ip_whitelist.txt to avoid dropping RbMod.
    6) You may also find that disabling logging of server permissions on your TS3 server while running the animated traffic meter, will reduce any excess HDD writes.
    7) If you decide to log into your Teamspeak3 server with credentials other than 'Admin Server Query', which offers all the permissions by default; be sure to include the following permissions in your log-in.



    Miscellaneous Links:
    (Offline Apr. 29 - Jun 28)
    (Offline Apr. 29 - Jun 28)
    (Offline Apr. 29 - Jun 28)

    (Offline Apr. 29 - Jun 28)

    Auto-start script by Ar2rJke (Translated from Russian)
    1. Create a file with any name, I have this:
    2. Insert the newly created file code:
    #!/bin/sh  ps afx | grep -v grep | grep -q ./ || cd /home/archi/Other/RbMod/ && screen -d -m -S rb ./

    Instead "/home/archi/Other/RbMod/" - specify path to launch mod. Then save the file.
    4. Now, you want to add it to the cron: write "crontab -e" and add....
     */2 * * * * cd /home/archi/Other/Scripts && sh 
    # - */2 * * * * - in the process of checking every 2 minutes.
    # - /home/archi/Other/Scripts - specify path to the script
    5. Now, look to see that it's executed with: screen -ls, we'll see something like:
    There are screens on:         11143.rb        (07.10.2012  11:10:01)   (Detached) 1 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-user.
    6.- Then go to the process: screen -r rb
    # - rb - session title screen

    What do we see after all this?

    After, the script will look for the specified process every 2 minutes, if the script does not see the mod process, the script starts it automatically, if the mod is in the process list, it will ignore it.
    @reboot - Do not ask ... The script will be in touch with the mod, so there is no need.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	rbmod_facebook_cover2.jpg 
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    Checking serverinstance_serverquery_flood_commands to keep our bot(s) alive...
    WARNING -> serverinstance_serverquery_flood_commands = 10
    It's recommended you increase this to 500 or more.
    Hit ENTER for 500 or change it to: 500
    Setting serverinstance_serverquery_flood_commands = 500
    Setting serverinstance_serverquery_flood_time = 2
    Successfully increased serverinstance flood control.
    Checking Server Groups...
    OK - Rb-Guest group exists with ID: 136
    OK - Rb-Windows group exists with ID: 137
    OK - Rb-Linux group exists with ID: 138
    OK - Rb-Mac group exists with ID: 139
    OK - Rb-iOS group exists with ID: 140
    OK - Rb-Sticky group exists with ID: 141
    Checking for parent bots DBID + CLID...
    OK - Found DBID: 1 CLID: 173
    Setting - Query login max clones.
    OK - Set to 1000
    Starting Bot #1
    Starting Bot #2
    install_driver(SQLite) failed: Can't locate DBD/ in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at (eval 6) line 3, <GEN0> line 32.
    Perhaps the DBD::SQLite perl module hasn't been fully installed,
    or perhaps the capitalisation of 'SQLite' isn't right.
    Available drivers: AnyData, DBM, ExampleP, File, Gofer, Proxy, Sponge.
     at ./ line 760
    install_driver(SQLite) failed: Can't locate DBD/ in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at (eval 6) line 3.
    Perhaps the DBD::SQLite perl module hasn't been fully installed,
    or perhaps the capitalisation of 'SQLite' isn't right.
    Available drivers: AnyData, DBM, ExampleP, File, Gofer, Proxy, Sponge.
     at ./ line 158
    did everything as it says in the instructions. when trying to run: ./ says it all. I just did not understand written Starting Bot #1 I think it is connected properly, but where did the second (#2)

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    Linux confirm with me the same error log:
    Starting Bot #2
    install_driver(SQLite) failed: Can't locate DBD/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/local/lib64/perl5 /usr/local/share/perl5 /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib64/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 .) at (eval 6) line 3, <GEN0> line 32.
    Perhaps the DBD::SQLite perl module hasn't been fully installed,
    or perhaps the capitalisation of 'SQLite' isn't right.
    Available drivers: DBM, ExampleP, File, Gofer, Proxy, Sponge, mysql.
    at ./ line 760
    I lacked all about the database server (File for centos 6 64bit ) works!!
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    ' install_driver(SQLite) failed: Can't locate DBD/ '

    Perl Module Dependencies

    - DBI & DBD::SQLite. If not already installed, using 'cpan' & 'install DBD::SQLite' should get you going.

    At a linux command line type 'cpan'

    cpan> install DBD::SQLite
    Or maybe
    #: aptitude install libdbd-sqlite2-perl
    #: apt-get install libdbd-sqlite2-perl

    Try either one of these and let me know... I'll run through the process on one of my other Linux machines if you guys have no luck, just waking up here- need some java still.. =)

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    all the same thing ... does not work

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    So in the end what can I do to fix the problem and run mod

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    "Rather than ask you to install SQLite first, because SQLite is public domain, DBD::SQLite includes the entire thing in the distribution. So in order to get a fast transaction capable RDBMS working for your perl project you simply have to install this module, and nothing else."

    Let me make my coffee finally here and I'll sit at one of my other Linux servers and run through the process from scratch myself again.

    If you could possibly try getting dbd::sqlite installed, and posting any errors you might get here that would also help.. If you're getting the same error, you haven't installed it I'm assuming

    Next release reminder: do away with 3rd party module dbd:sqlite =) =)

    Try maybe..

    aptitude install libdbd-sqlite3-perl
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    Question how to set automatic icon of ping on rented server.

    hello everybody, i just rented a teamspeak server on
    i remember that once i got into a server and it automaticaly set me an icon saying if my ping was good or not.
    i would like to be able to do the same with mine, does anyone know how?
    i would like to make it simple, if the ping if between 0-100 set a green cicle, if is beteen 101-200 yellow and 201-higher red.
    maybe there is a post with the response, but my english is not good enough so maybe i didn't find the key words.


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    Hello everyone, I've slowly been working on RbMod 4.0, as of late I still can't give you a definitive release date. But in the mean time I've updated 3.2.3 -> 3.2.4 with a new feature that adds your server to a new online list I started HERE.

    RbMod essentially sends a plain text GET request out on port 80 to sharing your Client count / TS3 address / TS3 Name / RbMod version / Ts3 Version / Last Polled.




    Subscribe_To_Rb_Online_Server_List_On = 1/0
    Subscribe_To_Rb_Online_Server_List_Address_Display ed = Server Address for Clients


    Eventually I hope to gather a list of a few active RbMod servers out there.
    Thanks for all your patience, I hope to be back here with Rb4.0 in the near future.

    Last edited by Scor9ioN; December 12th, 2013 at 07:08 AM. Reason: broken link.....

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    hello, after updating the startup mode - error

    Variable "$tstamp" will not stay shared at rbm_packages/ line 370.
    Missing right curly or square bracket at rbm_packages/ line 1511, at end of line
    syntax error at rbm_packages/ line 1511, at EOF
    Compilation failed in require at ./ line 25.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./ line 25.
    corrected the mistake

    and now I turn the function Subscribe_To_Rb_Online_Server_List startup mode writes:
    Variable "$tstamp" will not stay shared at rbm_packages/ line 370.
    the problem is solved, everything works!
    Last edited by Ar2rJke; November 18th, 2013 at 06:03 AM. Reason: UPDATE 18.11.12 - 09:03

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    For some reason i am having an issue with the mod locating the icons. I have place the rbm_icons into the virtual servers internal icon folder. I both copied the icon folders within rbm_icons in the teamspeak files and also the entire rbm_icon folder to see what will get it to work but i cant seem to fix the issue. Everything else about this addon works just fine just not the icons.

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    RbMod icons are broken down into sub-directories. This is for those who don't need / enable every feature in the Mod. All you need to do is grab the icons related to the feature and upload it to your virtual server icon directory. If you don't care if you have over 1000 icons on your TS3 VS, you can go through each sub-directory and upload the contents for each and be done with them.
    Last edited by Scor9ioN; December 12th, 2013 at 07:12 AM.

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    also the url that u have entered ( )
    is broken!

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    please can you make a tuturial or tell me how can i setup this for windows !

    QUOTE of Full Post#1 removed!

    please can you make a tuturial or tell me how can i setup this for windows !
    i realy liked this but i didin't know how can i setup it
    Last edited by dante696; September 21st, 2015 at 12:05 PM.

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    How to delete the number in the picture ?

    Name:  q4rHExm.png
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