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    Channel subscribing?

    Hey all,
    I'm having some subscription problems on my server's channels.
    The default users can subscribe, and the admins can subscribe, but my moderator rank cannot.

    I've set the Server Group Channel-Sub Power and Needed Sub-Power to 75.
    I've set the Channel Group Channel-Sub Power and Needed Sub-Power to 75.
    I've set the specific Client Channel- Sub Power and Needed Sub-Power to 75.
    I've lowered the channels requirement for subscriptions.

    How come they still can't subscribe?

    Appreciate the help. Thanks! <3

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    Please remove the i_channel_needed_subscribe_power from any group (do not remove the grant value from your admin group). This permision is a channel permission only and does mess up groups and requires a subcribe power of 75 in each channel, if it is set on a user.
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    Also check the i_client_max_channel_subscriptions Permission of your Moderators Group. That Permission controls how many Channels CLients inside this group can be subscribed to. A Value of -1 means unlimited.

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