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    Question Restrict Server Admin Group from entering a channel

    I have several server admins and each has their own office. I want to allow only that admin into their channel and not the other admin's channels. I have been trying to do this for quite some time now with little success. Any suggestions?

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    This won't work for an admin group with b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions enabled and a needed join power on a channel.
    This permission does skip it and the user can join that channel.

    You should remove the big skip permission and setup each permission, that should be skipped.
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    IN addition to what dante said you will also need to lower the Server Admin Group's i_channel_join_power to like 70.
    Then create a new Channelgroup (I will just call it Channel Access here)
    that Channelgroup will then get an i_channel_join_power of 75 and every Admin Channel (or other Channel you want only specific people to join) would get a Channel Permission of i_channel_needed_join_power of 75.
    Now the Admins would each get the Channelgroup in their respective Channels. This would prevent them from joining other Admins Channels while still being able to enter their own.

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    Thanks Dante, b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions was the permission I have been looking for. I have it working perfectly now by setting the channel permissions i_channel_join_power to 0 and i_channel_needed_join_power to 75 and then using the Channel Client Permissions to set each admin's permissions for their channel.

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