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    [Suggestion] Changing clientname as Admin / ServerQuery Admin


    I've got a suggestion:

    I would like to rename some client-names as "Admin" or "ServerQuery Admin", which are logged in on my server.

    - Bad name ("Client 'ashole' connected to server.")
    - Name with not pleasant words (e.g. "suck", "pussy", "dick", "ashole", "motherfucker",...)
    - Name with not desired words in it (eg. "admin", "moderator",...)
    - and so on...

    If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.

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    This feature has been requested several times before and was rejected.

    It is the user's choice to select his nickname. If you don't like it, speak to him, kick, move, ban him or use some scripts to do that kind of stuff automatically with bad named clients.

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    Use regular expressions to ban names you dont want to be taken.
    There should be a thread about this around here, maybe Silent can help you.

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    As maxi1990 already said, this feature has been discussed before and was rejected due to the above mentioned reasons.

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