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    Teamspeak 3 wont connect

    i was on another net and it worked fine. i switched to a different one and now it wont connect to any teamspeak i try to connect. i tried to disable my antivirus firewall (AVG antivirus), and the regular firewall. i also tried uninstalling and installing it again. and still does not work

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    Try to connect to the IP Address directly instead of a DomainName.
    Also try these Servers: Test Server Name, Test Server IP
    If the second Link works but the first does not then you are having DNS Issues and need to check and fix those first.

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    i tried to connect to both and it didnt work. how can i check if i got problems with dns?

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    If you cannot connect both servers then you have some other basic issue. Maybe udp connections are blocked from your machine or some firewall does not like teamspeak or maybe even your antivirus software causes the connection to fail.

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