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    Question Mac OS X Client can't connect to TS3.0.6 64 Bit Win Server


    strange problem here. I tried today connecting to our TS3 Server with two Mac OS X Clients (Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard). Both Clients refuse to connect from the same network the windows Client works like always!

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    the only hint i'm getting is, that that udp port obviously is 49174, which isn't the TS3 Servers configured port.
    But i don't know how to add the port to the url and if it's the problem anyway.

    Anyone an idea?

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    If the TS3 Server is definitely not running on Port 49174 that's the Reason why you fail to connect.
    It looks like the Domain you use to connect to has an SRV Record for the TS3 Server which will be used if present. Maybe that Record got changed rather recently and either your Windows or all of your Mac's did not yet refresh their DNS to reflect to the changes.
    If Windows is using the old Record still then it will fail to connect as well soon, if your Mac is still using the old records it should fix itself in time. In either case you might be able to force them update their DNS Cache or try and use a different DNS Server which might already give out the new SRV Record.

    If the SRV Record wasn't changed in the last few days then you should either adjust the TS3 Server to use the Port specified in the SRV Record or update the SRV Record to point to the correct Port for the TS3 Server. Of course since DNS is cached it will take up to 48 hours (or so) for every Client to receive the new Information.

    For now you could just use the IP and Port to connect directly. Just enter the IP followed by a colon and the Port in the Server Address Field in the Connect Dialog (eg.

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