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    Teamspeak quiet, almost mute

    Recently, I unplugged my headphones from the back of my computer, plugged them back in again, and suddenly, sound from Teamspeak, including playback audio (other users) are nearly mute. I can just barely hear them. No amount of fiddling with volumes, balances, etc will change this, whether in or out of teamspeak. Neither does running in administrator mode. Playback devices have been chosen correctly, playback modes have been changed from one to the other. After trying Ventrilo, the same seems to occur. Mic works fine. Audio is fine outside of those voip programs, this is possibly affecting others, I don't know. The problem only seems to exist in those programs. I'm running vista home ultimate, with a GA-MA790x-ud4 motherboard with Realtek ALC889A codec audio (, using a basic set of skullcandy earbuds. Realtek HD Audio Manager is set to stereo. While audio was low when I initially installed teamspeak on this setup, it was nowhere near this bad, and was fine with a little tweaking.

    Note: this is not a problem with my mic volume being too low, this is a problem with audio playback being too low.

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    Do you have the Volume Control Plugin active? If so disable it.

    With TeamSpeak running left click the Speaker Icon in the Systray (next to the clock) and click Mixer, scroll until you see TS3 and make sure its neither muted nor the slider is somewhere near the bottom.

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    I know this is an old thread, but pleasantwayne, you might want to take a look at this thread:

    It might be the same problem (or it might not).

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