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    Question Latency problems in the server!

    Hello everyone.

    First of all i already tried to search this subject but i couldn't find any topic related. Sorry if it already has been answered.

    My problem is the following:

    I am using atm a 100 slots rented TS3 server (foreign country) for a small community of online players. The average ping to this server from users is 40ms. With this community growing larger, I've applied for a NPL to host my own server on a VPS (on my country) reducing my costs and also keeping the latency of the server. However, the ping of the new server is reaching 200ms, which is way more than the previous server and very problematic on online gaming situations!

    The host specs are:
    CPU 0.5GHz
    Memory 256 MB
    Disk Space 50 GB
    Connection 100 Mbps

    My questions are:
    .1 - Are these specs enough to run a server properly?
    .2 - Are the specs higher or lower than the "recommended" specs?
    .3 - Is there something on general settings that could change to?
    .4 - Am i doing something wrong?
    .5 - Any suggestions on how can i improve further this specific problem?

    I am quite the noob in what regards this subjects

    Best Regards


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    The server specs are only a small part of the equation. I would suggest that if you're getting 200ms from a host in your own country they (or you) are having network problems. Can you find another host that will give you a server IP you can ping to check latency? That might give you a better chance of finding a host with the low latency you're looking for

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