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    TS3 Client: Variables in the welcome message of the virtual server

    Hello community!
    I tried to change my welcome message and/or my host message as far as easy to write. I don't want to edit the messages every time, if I change some names - like the server name.


    I want something like that:
    Hello! Welcome on the server of <SERVERNAME>!
    The virtual server name ist actually "Team Ment":
    Hello! Welcome on the server of Team Ment!
    Okay... It's good and easy. But I don't want to edit this message and/or some other configs on the server (channel descriptions, host message,...) also. I just want to edit the server name and the rest should be the same like before. Variables would be the perfect solution for it, but the "Text to speech" variables don't work in channel descriptions and/or host/welcome messages.

    Hello! Welcome on the server of ${servername}!
    ServerQuery: ServerInfo-Variable:
    Hello! Welcome on the server of ${virtualserver_name}!
    Is it possible to add this "new feature" to the new coming TeamSpeak version?

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    Generally server names don't change that often (if at all) and in the event the server name does change, I don't think it would be much of a problem to manually change the welcome and/or host message to reflect the change.

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