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    Hey folks,

    today I want to present a new project: (english and german language)

    Annoyed of long teamspeak server addresses? becomes More domains available!

    Since 3.0.0 rc 1 the teamspeak client supports tsdns and since 3.0.8 srv records. With these features it is possible to connect to your ts3 server by domains in a better way. Till this features were implemented, the only way to connect to a teamspeak server by domain was a normal dns record like => my.server.address:1337. But now we can connect through => my.server.address:1337 while returns my.webserver.address.

    On you can register and redirect your favor (sub)domain to your teamspeak server. It can take up to 5 minutes till our servers are up to date. After that you can give it to your clanmates and other people. No problems with forgotten ports or long ip addresses!

    Right now you only can register new domains. But the possibility to easy edit your entry is planned, of cause. The advantage of tsdns in this case is, that all your mates have got the tsdns domain and not the ip adress. If your rented or sponsored server stops working, you easily can alter the deposited ip value. So you dont need to give the new ip address to all interested people, because they just connect over the domain.
    Also planned is the possibility to add your own second level domain, so you can administrator your own subdomains and give them to people you like.

    Of cause I will add some new great domains to the service, if it becomes popular!

    • 2012/09/07 - added
    • 2012/09/15 - added

    • Some great domains
    • Register a subdomain and redirect it to your server

    • Editing your entry
    • great new domains
    • Adding your own domain and administrator you own tsdns settings
    • Add more languages
    • Some dynamic dns stuff

    • The script is not download able yet and it is not planned. However I am going to publish some snippets of the code later
    • Yes, you can administrate your domain via this service. Please PM me
    • We designed the script / server architecture redundant. There are three tsdns server working in the background.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to answer in this thread.
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    December 2007
    Today we added ""
    Now you can register and redirect it to the server you want. We are very happy, that we can provide this domain, because it is very expressive and gives clans the possibility to have a short and good sounding domain for their teamspeak 3 servers.
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