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    manual or guide

    is there a manual or guide that describes all the functions for ts3 all i can find is tutorials or forums but nothing in detail for individual functions? like what is poke whisper mode etc. I' like to read what each function is and how it works?

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    Poke is like a private message but displayed in a popup window including a sound notification (if not disabled in the soundpack) and intended to get someones attention if they are not watching their TeamSpeak client.

    Whisper is a private voice chat so to speak which does not require the participants to be in the same channel and you can create lists of people or channels which will hear you, but nobody else will. See Tools -> Whisper lists.

    You can find some documentation here and there is a knowledge base available with answers to some frequently asked questions as well as these forums where you can search and will probably find the same question already answered. If all else fails you can just try it out or ask here.

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