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    Problem with talk power

    I have a channel where the Needed Talk Power is set to 75. Under Permissions>Server Groups>Server Admin>Client>Basics>i_client_talk_power I have it set as 75, but I can't talk in the channel.

    Any help?

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    Having same trouble with move power, Server Admins have a move power of 75 and a needed move power of 75 yet I can't move another admin.

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    Probably overriden by permissions assigned on a higher tier, such as channel groups for example.
    Please check the permission overview of both you and the other person you want to move and compare his needed_move_power with your move_power. You can also compare your talk_power with the needed_talk_power.
    The permission overview dialog will also tell you where the permission comes from and should enable you to fix it. If you have further questions please include the permission overview of both clients, make sure to choose show names at the bottom dropdown before exporting the permission overview.

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