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    Any reason why TS just stops working with the annoying ERROR?


    Just wanting to know why TS goes down with no explanation as to why. Can not log in, the annoying little voice saying ERROR all the time when it was working fine earlier kind of says to me that TS is not as effective as it use to be a few years back.

    TS is actually annoying, but unfortunately friends of mine use my TS, if I had a choice I would move everything to Mumbles where these annoying bugs and non log-ins do not seem to happen.

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    Are you talking about client or server? Posting the log output of either might help

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    If your server is rented from a hosting company please get in contact with them as there is not much we can do in this case.
    If you are hosting the server yourself, more information (like server / client logs, what you were doing, version numbers, operating system(s) etc.) would be helpful to determine the cause and fix your problem.

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