First of all: i'm just asking for two SDK events, not the whole implementation.

I was considering the possibility of adding user-to-user voice encryption and it would be nice to have two callbacks for accessing the data buffer just before it is sent or received to and from the network socket.

As it is now, the voice buffer can be accessed but it is still subject to the encoding and compression done by the client (and that would break everything, as it is not lossless). What i would like to access is the raw buffer being sent (after all the processing TeamSpeak has to do) and the raw buffer being received (before TeamSpeak's processing).

It is nice to have the actual voice encryption, but that only protects your conversations from the client to the server (and vice-versa). If the server is compromised encryption becomes pretty useless.

I am not asking for the full feature, as it would require time and efforts from the development team, i'm just asking for the two basic building blocks (the two callbacks in the plugin SDK).

My aim is to implement something similar to the popular "Off-the-Record Messagging" plugin for Pidgin (link: hxxp:// - replace hxxp for the voice chat.

Thanks for your time, have a nice day!

I didn't find the rules to follow for these posts, i've added the [Request] tag just like the other feature request threads i've seen. I apologize if that's not correct