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    Create special rights for file transfers?


    I'm trying to setup my server to act like this:

    1.) A channel in which only users with a special server (or client) group can view, up- and download the files. Any other users (also admins) should NOT be able to see or download content. It is even possible to hide the whole channel from them?

    2.) I want to forbid file transfers in ALL other channel except that one. I tried to set all file-rights channel-wise to 9999. This restricts normal users, but admins are still permitted...

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Oh my god, wrong forum. Sorry, please move :X

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    Firstly you need Advanced permissions system enabled in your TS3 Client. Make sure that it's checked in TS3 Options.

    I'll give you some basic tips but you'll still think on your own :].

    1. Remember that Server Admins have some IGNORE options enabled by default. Look for b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions and b_permission_modify_power_ignore.

    2. You can also set SKIP and/or NEGATE flag to selected permission. Basically TS3 uses "highest available" permission which means that if he has SA admin with talk power 100 and MUTED rank with talk power -1 then he'll get 100. But if we set NEGATE flag in permission with -1 then he'll get always -1 talk power and it doesn't matter if he's admin or not. SKIP means that this permission will override channel permission (if it's set). So basically if you set talk power -1 to one of the server (global) ranks and also turn on SKIP + NEGATE flags then this person will be muted on whole server no matter what. Got it?

    Now think how you can use such information with your problem :].

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARCHI View Post
    Firstly you need Advanced permissions system enabled in your TS3 Client.
    I've got it now. Thx a lot!

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