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    Laggy DNS resolution?

    I have a TS server running locally on my network (specified with a local IP) as well as a DNS server (specified with a local IP). Connecting with the hostname (to and from the hosts on my network) seems to take a few seconds to go through, however with an IP it's immediate.

    Thinking it may be my setup, I've tried setting my PC to use other external DNS servers (google) and have had tried connecting to other external TS servers which aren't mine and still seems to be the same issue, sometimes it's so slow I almost think it's going to time out.

    I've had friends complain about the same issue and as a result they seem to prefer handing out IP addresses instead of hostnames to advertise their servers. Anyone else experience this?

    With a tool like nslookup, I notice that all resolutions on my computer are instant in all situations. I'm curious, does the TS3 client use its own resolver and does it make use of the local computer's own DNS cache?

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    napok Guest
    You have not created an SRV record, causing the slowness.

    TS3 client does not use computer's cache nor does it cache anything itself.
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    Wow worked flawlessly... not sure I follow why though, shouldn't TS be able to look up an address just as fast as a standard resolver and replace the domain with the IP (with the port I specified included)?

    Anyway, this info should be posted/pinned somewhere if it isn't already (apparently I missed it).
    Glad it works now, cheers

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    napok Guest
    The first thing the TeamSpeak client looks for is an SRV record. It is there so you may host as many TeamSpeak servers on 1 IP address, without having to specify the custom port behind each domain.

    Until recently the only way to achieve this was by using TSDNS (a separate service included with the TeamSpeak server package).

    I agree this should be clearer to new users, but that is up to the TeamSpeak staff.

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