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    Broken Permissions

    After setting "b_client_force_push_to_talk" to 0 by mistake without reading the warning message, I reset my server back to default, but when using the admin token it gives me server admin, but I cant edit the server or create any channels.

    Server is hosted by Multiplay and their support wasn't to helpful.

    Any help would be massively appreciated as currently my TS3 server is useless.

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    That permission is non critical and only disables Voice Activation for whoever got it assigned forcing them to setup a PTT Key and use it.
    However setting it unchecked doesn't make any difference from it not being set.

    Whatever permission it was you set, I am pretty sure it was not the one you mentioned.

    As for "setting your server back to default" since it is a hosted server you usually would have to contact your hoster in order to get this done.

    Creating channels is covered by b_channel_create_* permissions, one for each type.
    What is the error message that you get in the server chat when you try to create a channel?

    It looks like something went wrong, your best option might be to ask your hoster to do a permreset command on your server.

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    When I say reset my server to default I changed it over to mumble, then back to teamspeak 3, everything was reset no channels no admin no nothing, even had a different port. I used the admin token generated on the control panel, which added me to the server admin group, but everything is greyed out so i cant click create channel etc,

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    As I said, there is not much we can do about that, you will need to contact your hoster about this.

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