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    Question setting max clients on virtual server


    sry for my english

    I got a really heavy problem on my TS-Server.
    A normal server admin can change the max clients on the virtual server
    I try to explain, how my settings are:
    I host the teamspeak by myself, so iīm the serveradmin with permisson value 100
    Serveradmins from a virtual server have permisson 75

    I changed the right b_virtual_server_modify_maxclients to edit it with value 100.

    And now, i log into a virtual server with a normal serveradmin (value 75!).
    When i click on the servername and edit i canīt change the max clients (itīs grayed out) - so far so good
    When i go on the rights site the b_virtual_server_modify_maxclients itīs also grayed out, BUT i can give me that right !

    I hope you understood my problem.
    Can anyone explain me, how i fix this ? Serverversion is the newest

    Thanks a lot

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    Sure thing.

    Firstly enable Advanced Permission System in your TS3 Client if it's not enabled already.

    Look in permissions now. You can see two main things in a permission - VALUE and GRANT. VALUE defines actual power but GRANT defines "max" power which can be set to this permission by selected rank. So basically all you want to do is remove grant permission to b_virtual_server_modify_maxclients .

    Hope it helped. Good luck.

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    Thanks, it wasnīt a problem with the value and grant. (but you got me on the right track)
    the problem was just sitting in front of the computer
    I have forgotten the disable the b_permission_modify_power_ignore right

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