Announce Server Group

by SgtRWE

Plays a sound when someone connects to the server (by server group, or for all users)
Prints the user name and channel to the current tab if verbose=1
Works with multiple servers and groups Play different sounds for each server or group

Have you ever missed a new person connecting to your server ?
Is your server set so guests can't leave the lobby until you speak to them and add them to a group ?

Now when a user in the guest group, or any group you specify joins the server, a sound will play.

You can have different sounds for different groups, and even different servers, you can also
play a sound for everyone that joins the server.

Installation Instructions

* Copy announcegrp-sgtrwe.ts3_plugin to the directory where you installed the Teamspeal 3 Client
* Double Click announcegrp-sgtrwe.ts3_plugin
* Answer the questions and it will be installed
* Go to Teamspeak 3 client Menu: Settings/Plugins
* Make sure Lua Plugin is checked
* Click Reload All
* That's it, you are done, have somone join the server

How to change the Sounds for each server/group

* Copy your sound file to plugins/announcegrp/mysounds in the teamspeak client directory
* Modify the line in the announcegrp.ini file: #,sid,gid,filename,verbose,comment,
* Sound File format: 44100hz 16bit Stereo Windows PCM. This seems to sound best
* Go to the directory-where-you-installed-teamspeak/plugins/announcegrp/mysounds/
* There you will find status-birdcall.wav and some other sounds.
* You can change the announcegrp.ini file to use any of the other wav files in this directory
* Add you own sound files to this directory
* Test you sound files with the !test command

How to edit announcegrp.ini to add a custom sound file

* You can add custom sounds by user, by editing announcegrp.ini
* issue the !agconfig command or
* Open announcegrp.ini in the plugins/announcegrp/ directory with notepad.exe or your favorite editor
* The comments in announcegrp.ini file explain the format of the file
* add or edit a line with the format 1,uid,file.wav,comment,
* replace uid with the unique id of the user you want to play a different sound for.
* replace file.wav with the name of the file you want to play
* place that file in the plugins/announcegrp/mysounds/ directory
* To get the server id, join the server then issue the !server command

AnnounceGroup Commands:

!help : display this help text
!status : show status of toggles
!toggleag : toggle announce group script on/off
!agconfig : Open notepad.exe on announcegrp.ini
!server : Display current ServerID
!test soundfile.wav : Test a sound file in the announcegrp/mysounds/

Download link:

* announcegrp-sgtrwe112.ts3_plugin (184KB)

Version History ---

Ver 1.1.2

* First Release (1.1.2)

Future Todo List

* Add check for updates to new versions