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    [Release]Announce Server Group

    Announce Server Group

    by SgtRWE

    Plays a sound when someone connects to the server (by server group, or for all users)
    Prints the user name and channel to the current tab if verbose=1
    Works with multiple servers and groups Play different sounds for each server or group

    Have you ever missed a new person connecting to your server ?
    Is your server set so guests can't leave the lobby until you speak to them and add them to a group ?

    Now when a user in the guest group, or any group you specify joins the server, a sound will play.

    You can have different sounds for different groups, and even different servers, you can also
    play a sound for everyone that joins the server.

    Installation Instructions

    * Copy announcegrp-sgtrwe.ts3_plugin to the directory where you installed the Teamspeal 3 Client
    * Double Click announcegrp-sgtrwe.ts3_plugin
    * Answer the questions and it will be installed
    * Go to Teamspeak 3 client Menu: Settings/Plugins
    * Make sure Lua Plugin is checked
    * Click Reload All
    * That's it, you are done, have somone join the server

    How to change the Sounds for each server/group

    * Copy your sound file to plugins/announcegrp/mysounds in the teamspeak client directory
    * Modify the line in the announcegrp.ini file: #,sid,gid,filename,verbose,comment,
    * Sound File format: 44100hz 16bit Stereo Windows PCM. This seems to sound best
    * Go to the directory-where-you-installed-teamspeak/plugins/announcegrp/mysounds/
    * There you will find status-birdcall.wav and some other sounds.
    * You can change the announcegrp.ini file to use any of the other wav files in this directory
    * Add you own sound files to this directory
    * Test you sound files with the !test command

    How to edit announcegrp.ini to add a custom sound file

    * You can add custom sounds by user, by editing announcegrp.ini
    * issue the !agconfig command or
    * Open announcegrp.ini in the plugins/announcegrp/ directory with notepad.exe or your favorite editor
    * The comments in announcegrp.ini file explain the format of the file
    * add or edit a line with the format 1,uid,file.wav,comment,
    * replace uid with the unique id of the user you want to play a different sound for.
    * replace file.wav with the name of the file you want to play
    * place that file in the plugins/announcegrp/mysounds/ directory
    * To get the server id, join the server then issue the !server command

    AnnounceGroup Commands:

    !help : display this help text
    !status : show status of toggles
    !toggleag : toggle announce group script on/off
    !agconfig : Open notepad.exe on announcegrp.ini
    !server : Display current ServerID
    !test soundfile.wav : Test a sound file in the announcegrp/mysounds/

    Download link:

    * announcegrp-sgtrwe112.ts3_plugin (184KB)

    Version History ---

    Ver 1.1.2

    * First Release (1.1.2)

    Future Todo List

    * Add check for updates to new versions

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    This is what I was looking for I think, but I don't really see the instructions to get sound files to play for people who join your server. Or am I misreading it and the file only plays on your PC? Essentially I want an announcement sound file to play on users PC when they join our TS server. Right now it's playing the sound file for me, but not them. My guess is, I read the features incorrectly. Regardless, thanks!

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    Downloaded and installed it, enabled it in Plugins, had a user join my server as a guest.
    No sound played

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    I have tried and tried to get this app working correctly with all types of names but the one that is proving most exhausting is the names with spaces, for the life of me I can not get this plugin to work correctly with someone enters the server from the groups I have designated to show me the information correctly, here are the examples I am receiving;

    NORMAL: Amber joined Looking for.... Fill in the blank on Victorious Gaming

    Abnormal(with spaces in the names); url=client://472/UID=~VG Zed]VG Zed[/url] joined LANDING ZONE-NOT THE TOURNAMENT LOBBY on Victorious Gaming

    as you can see with the Space in his name VG Zed does to come out the way it should as in the first example, can this be fixed with a minor adaptation to the coding, or am I out of luck with this?

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    Heres a hotfix I designed from it (May / May not work:


    Line 236:
        local namCheck2 = string.gsub(namCheck, "%s", "%20")
    replace with
        local namCheck2 = namCheck:gsub("%s", "%%20")
        namCheck2 = namCheck2:gsub("%[", "%%5C%%5B")
        namCheck2 = namCheck2:gsub("%]", "%%5C%%5D")
    Line 272:
    HTML Code:
            ts3.printMessageToCurrentTab(Dattim .. "; [color=red][url=client://" ..clientID.."/"..UniqueID.."~"..namCheck.."]" .. namCheck .. "[/url][/color] joined [color=purple]" .. chnnl .. "[/color] on [color=green]" .. srvnam .. "[/color]")
    Replace with
    HTML Code:
            local namCheck2 = namCheck:gsub("%s", "%%20")
            namCheck2 = namCheck2:gsub("%[", "%%5C%%5B")
            namCheck2 = namCheck2:gsub("%]", "%%5C%%5D")
            ts3.printMessageToCurrentTab(Dattim .. "; [color=red][url=client://" ..clientID.."/"..UniqueID.."~"..namCheck2.."]" .. namCheck .. "[/url][/color] joined [color=purple]" .. chnnl .. "[/color] on [color=green]" .. srvnam .. "[/color]")
    These changes may work (I use them fine on my client)

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainThrills View Post
    Heres a hotfix I designed from it (May / May not work:


    These changes may work (I use them fine on my client)
    These changes worked great, I am for ever in your debt sir! Thank you so very much.

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    anyone got a link?

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    I have another question for you I get to hear "ERROR: when the "serveradmin from "###.##.##.###"" or the "ProxyDetectionBot-####" put a reply in the server chat box. How can I set this up so that it ignores messages from these two elements of the server?

    Any response would be helpful.

    Thank You


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    I dont understand

    Ive been trying to do this for an hour soon and its still not working. Can someone make a video on how to do it or show me?

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    Thanks, I needed something like this.

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    it worked for a day

    and now I get this error
    AnnounceGroup Version 1.1.3
    Warning: plugins/announcegrp/mysounds/status-sigh.wav Does not exist, Default Sounds will NOT play
    AppPath: F:/Program Files/TeamSpeak 3 Client/
    ResourcePath: F:/Program Files/TeamSpeak 3 Client/

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    This plugin is not workin

    And the other he set there isn't working as well. Can someone help me with it? I want teamspeak to play sound when someone log in my ts not my channel

    can't anyone make it works? please
    Last edited by dante696; June 21st, 2016 at 09:06 AM. Reason: merged #2

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    where is th download Link for it?!
    Many thanks Dubst3pg4m3r!

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    Would also like to know if this is still useable and if so where I can download it.

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