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    Question Host Message img

    Hello teamspeak team
    Wanted to learn as correctly to establish the image in Host Banner, I try to establish a banner through bb a code: [img] [/img]
    In reply I receive:
    Name:  imagenof.png
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    Prompt as it is correct to establish img and whether it is possible in general if the client of teamspeak processes also bb a code [img] as the image, I believe that should show the picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonim View Post
    Wanted to learn as correctly to establish the image in Host Banner, I try to establish a banner through bb a code: [img] [/img]
    Oh my God!, an image in the Host Message!!

    Well, it seems it doesn't work. I think that image is not allowed (or the ts3 code doesn't resolve [ img] in it)

    I've tested a little, and maybe you can use
    A welcome text with an active link to your image:

    1)Welcome text [ url=][ img][ /img][ /url]

    2)Welcome text [ url=](See image)[ /url]

    It's not the same but at least you can offer an image.

    Note: Sorry, I've misread the post, it's written 'Host Banner' and, due that the image supplied by @Anonim, i've read 'Host message'.
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    Actually what you are doing there is trying to put in image in the host message. Apparently images don't work properly there even though the img Bbcode gets parsed. However I don't see any need or use for an image in a text message which is supposed to be used for important short messages.

    The Host Banner which expects an image is specified two "lines" below the host message and all you need to do is put the direct image link into the Banner Gfx Url field.
    That will display the image at the top of the info panel on the right.

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