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    Question Sectional login.

    Hi everyone,

    Synergys here, big fan of TS (who isn't?) and have a small/moderate sized gaming community TS server with a friend of mine. We're getting a lot more folks in these days and that has led us to the following question.

    Is there a possiblity when filling in connection details you get transported to the correct lobby of the details the user has filled in? Of the same TeamSpeak server though. So for example, Player X in BF3 tells new found friend to join in on 777.777.77.777:7777, logging in that new found friend in the lobby of the BF3 section of the TS server, whilst Player Z in RuneScape tells another new found friend to log in on 777.777.77.777.:7776, effectively logging in that RS player to the lobby of the RS section. We have gamers playing various games. There's a dedicated RuneScape group, Battlefield 3 (!) and Freelancer players and some other games, and this would seriously help out having seperate parts, whilst staying the same community. Our plan was to create new groups, called RS Admin, BF3 Admin etc etc and make the permissions so the RS Admin would have complete access of his section, but not the rest of the server, that would be in the hands of me and my friend of course.

    I've found this:

    How can I link to my TeamSpeak 3 server on my webpage?
    Complete format:
    ts3server:// sword=serverPassword&channel=MyDefaultChannel &channelpassword=defaultChannelPassword&token=Toke nKey&addbookmark=1

    Parameters are optional. In most cases, specifiying the host and port should be sufficient. Nicknames usually should not be specified, leave this to be configured by the users in the client. So a common URL would look like this: ts3server://

    Or simplified if only the port is given: ts3server://

    Or even shorted, using default port 9987: ts3server://
    Example for a complete HTML link:

    <a href="ts3server://">Click to connect to my server</a>
    If I got it right (my mates checking on it tomorrow, and my knowledge on coding and whatnot is quite... limited), the first line says if I fill in the names and possible password and add that link to a website/forum the user would get connected to the filled in by us channel + possible password. Kinda what I'm looking for, now just with IP address or port changes or anything that could work.

    I'm hoping there's such a thing. If you could give me advice, show me how you did it, or whatever, PM me or Skype me, Skype add in profile. And post in this thread.

    Hopefully I explained it correctly, tried to do my best.



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    This is not possible using ports, different port = different server.

    You could however, abuse the temporary password feature which allows to put users into different channels.
    Since the temporary password feature was not meant to be used for this case, there are several drawbacks mainly the need to have a password set for your server and the fact that as the name suggests these passwords are temporary and must be recreated every so often and every time the instance restarts.

    First edit the virtual server to have a password (which you don't have to tell anyone).
    Now right click the server and select temporary passwords.
    then add a new password say "bf3" for example and select the BF3 Lobby in the channel to join dropdown.
    specify a time for which the password is valid.

    Everyone that connects now with the password bf3 will be placed in the channel you selected.

    As for your "sectional" admins: You will need to use channel groups for that since server groups give permission on the entire server which means every channel.

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