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    TS2 Sound problems

    Hi all,

    I'm having a few difficulties with TS2. Whenever I try to talk, people on the other side don't really hear me that well. According to them it sounds like I'm stuttering. When I press my push-to-talk button, my light goes green and stays green constantly. But to everyone else in the channel, my green light when pushing the push-to-talk button flcikers green on and off, like I'm pressing and releasing the push-to-talk button constantly (this of course isn't the case). This makes it sounds to them like I'm stuttering. While this happens, my ping stays at something like 40 ms and packet loss is at 0,11%.

    I also run ts3 on my computer and it works fine. Does anyone know why ts2 doesn't?

    My computer:
    16gb RAM (Corsair)
    Intel I7 2600K @4,5Ghz
    asus p8p67 deluxe mobo
    2x HD 6950 2gb videocard in crossfire
    WIn7 ultimate x64.

    Please help me

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    Keep the server version is updated as new released version published on .
    I suggest you to upgrade your system to TS3 version, btw what happen if you go on your settings and click on test speakers?

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    I already have Ts3 and it's running without any problems. It's just that I need to use TS2 for my flight sim games, since it has this whole communication system build around it.

    Whenever I go into test mode, I'm hearing the same thing as everyone else: a laggy like sound, where it's pretty much impossible to understand me. Although it can't be my connection, since my ping is like 40.

    Can anyone please help sort this out?

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    I reported the same thing,I hope they help me somehow....It appears that we get it when plugging in the headphones.

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