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    being disconnected by server

    i am currently using ts3 and having a problem with reception. I use a usb headset and i talk on the vNWA server. I get reception in bunches e.g. how....are it sounds as if someone records the conversation and transmits in small bunches. I also am getting disconnected extremely often e.g. 10 times in 5 minutes. i have hughesnet satellite and have checked the signal strength while this is happening and the the signal strength is 167-170. my transmitting seems to be fine. i also notice there is like a 3-5 second delay between my transmission and the other ends reception. any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated...henryccrider (henry murray, Laurel De)

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    Satellite connections generally have a huge latency due to the fact that the signal has to go all the way into space first and then back down again.
    Check the little antenna / WLAN icon in the bottom right corner of the client which will give you a rough estimation of how good your connection to the current server is. Also right click your name, choose client connection info and watch your ping as well as packet loss.
    If either are high it might be possible that the server decides you are not there anymore and removes you.

    Your router might also consider the UDP Packets as flooding and block them, you might want to check it for options related to flood protection, ddos protection, SPI Firewall etc. and disable them.

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