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    Request Music Bot for Linux (.m3u / SHOUTcast)

    hi, I looking for Music BOT which will be play music from file .m3u or from SHOUTcast.
    It's any BOT for Linux which can do this ?
    Thx 4 Help.

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    Probably. But you need to find a way to do it on your own. Afaik there is no Ready-to-use Bot in this forums.

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    Direct shoutcast to ts client

    hi everyone. First of all i did read most of the forums related to my situation and my needs but noone got the proper solution.
    My setup is very simple and ram is limited. First of all the goal is to play shoutcast radio (chosen IP etc.) directly to the teamspeak client that will join the channel on password protected TS server. Now the part with the client almost ok, there is java based bot that we tried and personaly didn't liked becouse most of the time it crashing, playback is in poor quality and does use lots of ram becouse it runs in virtual desktops. So the idea was to get rid of the bot that was useless and try to find direct way how to play shoutcast stream (on the same mashine btw) direcly to the teamspeak client. Now i can live with console only things and found some sdk but the documentation an use of it is misteriuos to me. I thought if linux can stream data to a file or a virtual device, so it wud be logic to find command line http media stream player that wud play on the virtual device (again, no virtual desktops or windows), and set teamspeak clients mic on that virtual device. That wud be the shortest way to achieve the goal and have stable, working shoutcast stream to teamspeak channel without loosing alot of memory on crap that is not needed.

    Sounds easy when you think but i have no idea where to begin to dig and how/where to start building the system. The readio stuff is easy, we can do that and it does run stable but the bot we tested eated up to 1gb of ram only the bot itself, and about 300mb the teamspeak client that was running in virtual desktop.

    I know about actual virtualisation, fake desktops and that is not the case, the base app is java based and its buggy alot.

    Anyways, if any suggestions or ideas or links, anything, i will be thankfull.
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    The TS3 Client requires a Window system and won't run on a console only situation.
    When sending PMs please make sure to include a reference link to the thread in question in the body of your message.

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    I recently started using xpra for linux which can create X sessions per window. You should have a look at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    The TS3 Client requires a Window system and won't run on a console only situation.
    You can with xvfb.

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