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    Question Group and channel passwords

    Hey guys

    I rented a TS3 server. And i'm trying to do some modifications. I had before a simple TS3 with a couple channels but since i got several teams to go to the server i'm doing some private rooms etc.
    But i have a problem. I create a channel with password and some sub-channels. A normal user can't connect to the channel without inserting password but to the sub-channels they can go without any password. Is there anyway of fixing it?

    And to put a channel dedicated only to a specific server group is possible? I mean that server group only have access to a specific channel. How can i do if it's possible?

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    Channel passwords are not inherited yet, so you need to specify a password for every channel you want to protect with a password (you can of course use the same password).

    For the second questions no thats not possible with server groups since - as the name suggests - they give permissions on the entire server including all channels. However what you can do is edit any channel you want to be for a specific subset of your users and in the edit channel dialog go to the permissions tab then on the left part enter 20 in the first field (Join).
    Now all you need to do is create a channel group and assign that channelgroup the i_channel_join_power permission with a value of 20. Each person that should be allowed to enter such a channel now needs the channel group you just created in that channel. That means that you (or some other admin) needs to move them there once and assign the channelgroup. You can also create Privilege Keys or use the Channelgroups of Client dialog.

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