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Thread: Max clients

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    Max clients

    I've my own server, running on Linux VPS server.
    But when I want to get more max clients then 32 I get a error: "max slot limit reached"
    How can i fix this?

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    In order to be able to host more than 32 slots you need a license.
    For more information see this page.

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    I try to get it but i get a error, whit me email adress and website, becouse I have'nt a website.
    And its a non profit server, so I dont need a site.

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    I tried for an NPL but they insisted on a website with content (I created one with just a photo on it to try & comply with that requirement)

    I personally don't see the need for a website but they refuse to budge on this rule

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    If you do not meet the requirements for the license type you chose, then you cannot get that license. You can either choose another license type or rent a server from our authorized hosters.

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