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    There is another way of achieving this which I would like to mention. Admittedly, it's probably not the easiest / user friendliest way of doing this, but it definitely works perfectly.

    Our goal is to allow people to create sub channels ONLY in a certain area of the server.
    You can assign all those channel creation permissions to the Guest server group: b_channel_create_child, b_channel_create_temporary, b_channel_create_with_topic, b_channel_create_with_password, b_channel_create_modify_with_codec_opusvoice, ...
    Having added all those permissions that are required to create subchannels everywhere (see post #15 for more info), we will make the following changes:
    1.: In the Guest server group, set i_channel_min_depth to some ridiculously high value - let's say 50.
    2.: In the Guest server group. set i_channel_max_depth to the maximum depth allowed (main channels have depth 0, sub channels have depth 1, sub sub channels have depth 2, ...)
    3.: In the channels in which people should be able to create sub channels, set i_channel_min_depth to 0.

    Please note: This will only work if you have no skip flag on i_channel_min_depth for Guest server group and if b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions is disabled for them, too.

    A quick explanation of what I did there:
    You give the Guests all the required permissions to create sub channels in general, but only allow for sub-sub-sub-sub- ... (50x or more) channels. Now you override this by setting a new i_channel_min_depth on the channel, hence they can still create sub channels, but at lower levels, too

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    I need help to force users to create temporary channels only in a specific area

    can anyone help me with this?

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    Want guests to be able to create temporary channels in a spacer

    Hey there,

    I would like to make it so that "Guests" are able to create temporary channels in a spacer called "Custom Channels", but NO WHERE ELSE.

    Here's what the TS looks like:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	977a5195701f5345dd891c9be9300410.png 
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Size:	166.1 KB 
ID:	13315
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	b2e965c4976d22e9e40e28a634f959f7.png 
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Size:	69.1 KB 
ID:	13316

    Ignore the "Example Custom Channel"'s, that's basically I want "Guests" to be able to create, but only temporary channels.

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    Create a group, that can create temp channels under a specific spacer.

    Create a group, that can create temp channels under a specific spacer

    For example;
    I created a group but I only want them to be able to create channels under a specific channel.

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    When sending PMs please make sure to include a reference link to the thread in question in the body of your message.

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    TS3 Group Canal Gestion


    i will assigned permissions for differents chanell.

    I Have 2 general chanell, SWTOR and Teste.

    I will group modo SWTOR, permission create tempory channel only in swtor.

    How make ?

    Thank you.
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    Solved [SOLVED] Allow all users to create temp subchannels only in certain channel

    So, since answer on my previous question was negative and I ran out of options how to setup permission so that it would work, I will ask for that.

    I have multiple channels with same (basic) settings and then there is a certain channel Private. I would like to allow all users, regardless of their role, to have right to create a sub channel in Private, but nowhere else. All users have Guest Server group which has permission b_channel_create_child enabled (Value is ticked) and b_channel_create_temporary not touched (not highlighted nor set its value). Thanks to this settings, users can't create any channel anywhere. So far so good.

    In order to allow them to create sub channels in Private I went to Channel permissions -> Channel Private and there I allowed b_channel_create_temporary and set values of i_channel_min/max_depth to -1 but users still can't create channel in Private (nor nowhere else). Granting b_channel_create_temporary for Server guest group allows all users to crate channels everywhere.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    I understand the confusion. I have spent countless hours baffled by permissions before I started to get an affinity for them. This TutsTeach video tutorial should help you accomplish you goal:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morthawt View Post
    I understand the confusion. I have spent countless hours baffled by permissions before I started to get an affinity for them. This TutsTeach video tutorial should help you accomplish you goal:
    Thanks, I knew about that video, performed all steps, but it did not work for me. The problem was I misunderstood the permissions. In order to create sub channel in certain channel, user has to switch to that channel. Little inconvenient, but works, thanks.

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    Temporary Channels


    I am currently part of a gaming community plays a wide variety of games. We would like to have channels for every game so people can see what game others are playing and join them. Creating permanent channels for the games was cluttering up our teamspeak server. We are currently trying to solve the problem by allowing the creation of temporary channels in the teamspeak server, but have encountered two major issues.

    1) We want to allow everyone to be able to create temporary channels for their games, but also want to restrict the ability so that temporary channels may only be placed as subchannels under the "Other Games" section of our teamspeak. I have tried setting up permissions on each channel to block this, but nothing so far has worked. How would I be able to allow users to freely create temp channels while still restricting their location to a specific place on the server?

    2)I also want the temporary channels to have a mandated voice quality of 6 (Opus Voice), so that players will have decent audio quality in the channel by default without eating up too much bandwidth. I tried giving power to modify voice quality, but this made the process over-complicated and allowed them to edit the quality of other channels. I would like a way to ensure that all new temp channels created on the teamspeak will have an nonadjustable default voice quality of 6.

    Here are snips of the current permission settings I am using.
    These are the permissions for each server group.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.JPG 
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Size:	48.9 KB 
ID:	15054

    These are the channel permissions for every channel I do not want temp channels being created in.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture1.JPG 
Views:	90 
Size:	44.0 KB 
ID:	15055

    I would appreciate any input you have into this matter.

    Thank you,


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    Allow normal users to create channels under spacer

    I am seaking help regarding setting up my gaming community's teamspeak server. I am almost done with setting everything up except for one crucial part. I want to allow normal users to create their own channels under a specified spacer. Rules for the channel created as following:
    - Each user can make only 1 channel at a time, and he can delete it as well.
    - prevent normal users from moving their channels around the parent channel.
    - allow them to edit their own channel's name, password, topic and description.
    - channel will be automatically deleted if not populated within a certain period of time.
    I will really appreciate you guys helping me out here. The mission of providing an organized teamspeak server proved to be a difficult!
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    There is permission called b_create_with_sortorder (as far as i remember).
    It allows to create with sort order, but doesn't allow to move already existing ones.
    Problem is, that if it is allowed, user can create channel literally everywhere. And there is always that one user who will do this, even if there are any rules, so it's rare to give normal users such permission.

    Default channel admin group will give rights to edit channel. You should edit this one if You want to block some privilleges (eg. Cannot edit topic)

    Temporary channels are automatically deleted after specified in server setting delay, after last user leaves it. Default value is 0, so channel is deleted immediately, but there is possibility to edit this parameter for specified channels.

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    Allowing a group to create a temp sub-channel in only one channel

    How would I go about doing that?merged. Der Post 15
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    Allow create sub chanel under just one specify chanel to guests.

    Hi. I was trying for a long time to figure out settings of permission to allow create sub channel under just one specific channel to guests? If it's possible...
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    temporary rooms

    How can I allow visitors to create temporary rooms within a specific channel?
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