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    file transfer server quota exceeded

    Bonjour, je me présente je suis Karazhan Admin de MondialServers (nous avons une licence chez vous)

    voilà je vous expose notre problème depuis quatre jours nos serveurs teamspeak 3 (Ip:201) ne peuvent plus télécharger de fichiers voici le message d'erreur (file transfer server quota exceeded)

    Nos clients ne peuvent pas modifier à partir paramètre serveur et transfère et le grade (i_ft_quota_mb_upload_per_client) est bien en -1

    Cela peut être modifiée qu'à partir de notre machine le problème c'est que nous ne trouvons pas la variable pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît nous aider à résoudre ce problème merci

    Karazhan MondialServers

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    This forum is english only.

    Try this: Right click on server name (top of channels tree) >> Edit Virtual Server >> Transfers >> ...

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    The users on that virtual server up and / or downloaded more than what is allowed in the virtual server settings.

    Either the Up and / or Download Quota was set to 0 (or another small value) in the virtual server or your users already exceeded the maximum quota.
    In case of the latter this issue will resolve itself automatically next month were the statistics will be reset.
    If the value is small and you want to change it you will need to execute the following query commands using putty or any other telnet client:
    login serveradmin [password]
    use port=[voice port of the server in question]
    serveredit virtualserver_upload_quota=300 virtualserver_download_quota=1024
    this will allow a total of 300 MB to be uploaded to that TeamSpeak server and a total of 1 GB to be downloaded each month. Keep in mind that this is a global limit that is counted across all clients on that virtual server. So if 1 client uploads a 290 MB File to a channel on the first of the month then all other clients will only have 10 MB left for the rest of the month. If another client then uploads a 10MB file on the same day, the error message will be displayed for all other uploads for the rest of the month.

    You need to repeat steps 2 and 3 for each virtual server you would like to change this on.
    To change these values for new servers you create you can change "use port=xyz" to use 0.

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