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    How to enable file transfers

    Hi, I am new to having a server and would like to know how to enable file browser power to enable file transfers among users

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    If your server is rented you might not be able to change some or all of the following settings. In that case you will need to contact your hoster to unlock file transfer for you.

    To unlock follow the following steps and verify the settings:
    Right click the server name and choose edit virtual server -> More -> Transfers. Upload Quota and download quota should be > 0 or -1 and specify the amount of data (in Megabytes) that is allowed to be transferred each month.
    The Filetransfer port needs to be opened in any firewall on the server side.
    The Filetransfer IP must not be set to a local IP address and must be a valid IP that can be reached from the outside.

    In addition to those basic settings there are permissions regarding filetransfer to further limit allowed traffic for specific users or groups and permissions to prevent or allow groups or users to use the file transfer feature in specific channels. Those permissions can be found at the bottom of the permission dialog under the File Transfer category.

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