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    Log DDoS Attack in logs

    Hi Developers,

    Today one of our server instances was attacked by a DDoS attack. Only that server autoshudown and autostart-up that server.

    Maybe when a server autoshutdown by a DDoS attack could add a line in server logs " DDoS attack detected, autoshutdown server" or some warning to internals users.

    Only 1 server instance of 5000 instances where affected.

    Stupid kids that buy a DDoS attack per 20$ ...

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    Well, i'm sorry to hear that...

    Teamspeak is not a DDoS defender or stuff, it is an voip aplication just that. Teamspeak can not control your server.
    Remember some DDos are made everywhere, don't matter if it's teamspeak server port, website port or any opened.

    It's very difficult identify where are these friki guys shuttin' you. I recommend you to install DDoS defender program there are many arround internet so google it.

    LoL, many people want that teamspeak do many thing like DDoS Defender, Bandwith stats, Ping tester, Packlost tester, DiskCleaner, WinMTR, any kind of solution that your server provider should help you on that.

    For best solution, there are different tools for doing that.

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