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    Solved [Plugin] Local mutes do not delete on destruction

    When TS3 is shutting down, and begins calling destructors and shutdown functions within a TS3 plugin, the actual current "Local Muted list is already saved and not modifiable.

    1. Local mute another user
    2. Attempt to un-mute them from a plugin destructor/shutdown command

    Player stays muted when TS3 comes back up.

    This seems due to the fact that during shut down, the "local muted save list" is already written prior to allowing plugins to handle their shutdown processes.

    The issue we are running into:
    Our plugin dynamically mutes/unmutes many players all the time. At the moment, as an attempted work around for this issue, we were unmutting ALL USER IDs ON THE SERVER prior to shutting down. None of these local un-mute requests are respected during the shutdown process, showing that the list of "local muted users" has already been saved prior to plugin shutdowns.

    I see 3 solutions:

    1. Save this list AFTER shutting down plugins, so plugins can un-mute their associated players and they are respected by teamspeak.
    2. Stop persisting local mutes (PREFERRED SOLUTION)
    3. Add a local "Unmute all" function, available to plugins AND as a button to players

    I'd like to add, the feature of local mutes being saved seems rather illogical to begin with. Local mutes used to refresh every restart, and I do not understand the thought process behind making them persist across restarts.

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    ts3Functions.requestMuteClients() is the same as right click -> Mute Client and has always been persistent since it was intended for people you don't want to hear again for whatever reason.

    ts3.requestUnmuteClients() will fail on client shutdown because - as indicated by the "request" in the function name - it will attempt to notify the server that you wish to unmute the specified client(s), however since you are already disconnected from any server when the shutdown is called the function call will fail with an error and do nothing.

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