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    Question Can't connect to my own server

    Hi, I just had been using Teamspeak for a week, and i'm completely novice at this
    I use teamspeak for chatting while playing video games with my guild mate
    the reason that I create my own server is because my international connection (cross over other country) is really bad, unlike my local (not LAN) which can reach 1MBps up/down (I'm sure that teamspeak won't have problems with this bandwidth)

    I'm installed teamspeak server in my own PC, which its spec is
    • Win7 SP1 64bit
    • Windows Firewall
    • Free antivirus Avast ver 7
    • AMD PHENOM II x4 B50
    • 4GB RAM DDR2
    • 1MBps XII connection up/down (local)
    • Router TP LINK TL-WR740N
    • Teamspeak server 64bit

    I able to connect my client via localhost
    I can't connect to my server via ip address shown in available server list (so do my guild mate)

    already tried to open port range 1111-55555, turn off AV&firewall; but hopeless
    checked my forwared port (, all port is blocked (though I set to open it)
    idk if my isp blocks it or problem on my side

    Thanks in advance

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    Many routers do not support connecting to their own external IP address, so you will most likely have to use your local lan ip.

    For others to be able to connect you need to forward the required ports to the local lan ip of the pc running the TeamSpeak server. Please pay attention to use the correct protocol.

    Websites scanners cannot check UDP Ports, that's normal, hence they will always show them as closed.

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