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    Solved Cant connect... Ports?


    I think this Question is come so often, but my english is bad and i cant find a good answer...

    So plz help me...

    i can join over localhost but i cant join under this adress...

    Ports are open... UDP 9987, TCP 10011, TCP 30033

    So can you help me plz?

    BTW the bandbrith is set to -1 is that right???

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    When you are hosting the server, it is largely normal that you cannot connect to it by your external ip. This is no limitation of TeamSpeak but rather of your router. Most routers do not support connecting to an IP address that belongs to themselves, or a DNS Name that resolves to said IP address.

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    Ok, but i think my Router can do it, I have 3 mine craft servers and apache and MySQL and all works fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeeEmAge View Post
    Ok, but i think my Router can do it, I have 3 mine craft servers and apache and MySQL and all works fine
    Well, I can't connect to your server either.

    Please, verify the port forwarding. Also, verify the public IP resolved by is correct.

    If the server is running, you can connect using "localhost", you are sure your router allows connection from the external or public name then:
    a) the firewall/antivirus in the PC is blocking the access to the server --> Can you connect to the server from other PC in the LAN using the server local IP?
    b) the router port-forwarding is not correct --> be sure the server has a static local IP
    c) Maybe some option in the firewall router is blocking the UDP traffic.

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    a) my firewalls are deaktivated because i test it....
    b) all ports are correct with UDP and static local ip... i use as dns updater
    c) UDP traffic... that can be... but i dint thnik

    plz try now to connect...

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    I can connect to your server.
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