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    Anti-flood and Security Level

    I dont understand how the anti-flood, and default security level works.

    The description in security says "The required security level determines how long CONNECTING users will have to improve their identity security level before their identity will be considered valid on to CONNECT to this server."

    So the users are connecting but yet have to improve their identity to connect???? Doesent make sense.

    What are ticks on anti-flood? How can this protect my server?

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    Security level is there to thwart banned users from returning with a new identity immediately. If you set the security level high enough (don't go too high) it takes a few minutes or more to raise your level that high. In theory a banned user would not waste time raising the security level of a new identity to that number just to come back and get banned again. Once your security level is at or above the required number you can connect to that server. The security level of your identity doesn't go down so this would be a one time event unless you lose your identity or it gets banned from that server.

    Anti-flood is there to limit/prevent spamming in the chat channels. I've never had an issue with the default settings so I never changed them.

    As for protecting your server, I'd say use permissions like join power and subscribe power to limit what guests can see and do on your server.

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