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    Question My microphone cuts off every 2-4 seconds or so

    Hello everyone i have had a problem since i got team speak im using a turtle-beach x11 on my pc and im playing games like combat arms half life 2 and arma 2 OA/ dayz. however every time i use team speak my microphone seems to be fine until i launch a game then it starts to cut off every few seconds and it is very frustrating i have now set it to constant transmission but now my friends can hear my tv and other background noise please give me possible solutions because im starting to get real inpatient with it.

    Thank you!

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    Have you been using push to talk or voice activation before?

    You might want to try voice activation if you were not using it before you switched.

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    I have fixed this problem in the mean time my main problem now is that when i start teamspeak it dominates my audio and i can only hear teamspeak through it my game is forced to play through the speakers which is annoying because i have to put my volume down so my friends over the mic dont hear it. can someone please give me a way i can play both game audio and TS audio through my headset thank you!

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    In TeamSpeak you can specify the output device in the playback settings
    As for the game I wouldn't know if it has specific settings for that, but most don't and you will have to change the windows default device to your headphones. That however will cause every sound, including error sounds and youtube videos for instance to be played through your Headset.

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