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    Question Teamspeak 3 @ V-Server with FreeBSD

    Hello, first sorry for my english but im german.
    Ive rent a v-server (i connect to the v-server with putty), i installed the teamspeak 3 server port, i downloaded the teamspeak amd64 server files from, i unpack it and startet the teamspeak 3 server startup. (ive got many errors bevore, than i installed the port) there are no problems (errors) now, the teamspeak service is running, but i cant connect to any ip ive tryed. where can i find the ip and the port i must connect?

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    If you downloaded, extracted and started the TeamSpeak server for freebsd (in your case) you should be fine and all you need to do is connect to the ip address of your server (same you used to connect to your server with putty). Default port is 9987 if you didn't change it.
    If that doesn't work you might have to open the required ports in your servers firewall.

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