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    Question Channel Groups

    I need someone to clairfy this for me.

    Am I right in that I in the Channel Groups I can make group (templates) for channels, just like Server Groups!?
    Where the Server Groups contain users, the Channel Groups contains channels with certaing permissions!?

    The reason why I ask is

    That I want to avoid editing every channel that needs to public.
    If a Channel Groups works like the Server Groups, it will also make it easier for future admins to add or remove these specific permissions from channels.

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    Channel groups assign certain permissions to users in a certain channel only.

    Everyone in a channel group will have the permission in that channel where they have the group only.

    But yes, they work the same as server groups just that they only apply to the channel the user has the group in. If they leave the channel they got the channel group in, they won't have those permissions anymore.

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    It is nice to certain.

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