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    Server Admin Roles dont over rule others.

    My server is setup in a way to have a heirachy of server group roles. some people have multiple roles to show other users what powers they have withing teamspeak and the game.

    for instance:

    i have server admin, alliance and fleet command roles.

    i find there are certain things i cannot do because i have the alliance and fleet command roles (if i didnt have server admin these roles would be fine.)

    but it seems the server admin role isnt over writing the others.

    why is this and how can i fix?

    many thanks.

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    If you have multiple server groups, the permissions from all your server groups get merged.
    This merging always uses the highest value for any given permission, as an attempt to make sure you will have the highest powers from any server group.

    Now for certain permissions the server admin group often has the permission set to -1 to indicate no limit (e.g. i_client_max_channel_subscriptions, i_client_ban_max_bantime). Those values are obviously smaller than anything normally given to other permission groups, which might have a i_client_ban_max_bantime of 7200 to be allowed to ban for 2 hours. To rectify this issue you need to check the box in the negate column for these kind of permissions in the server admin group. That will tell the merging process to use the lowest value for that permission as the merge result instead of the highest value.

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